About YEGBuilders

YEG builders is an Edmonton based company with a team of engineers at the wheel. This means that design, integrity and attention to detail are what are valued most. (NEXT TO YOU OF COURSE) No idea is dismissed and research is always at the forefront of finding what’s best for everyone. 

The owners of YEG builders are the same people that work directly to help you build the space that suits you. Your dream is part of our dream; to build homes and commercial spaces that add value to local neighbourhoods and create a better quality Edmonton right from the core.

Residential Projects

YEG builders has built a reputation for building modern infill homes in mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton. We are a custom builder that believes in beautiful design and quality construction. 

We work directly with you and a transparent budget that allows you to see exactly where your money is going. Every decision is thoroughly researched on your behalf bringing to bring you the latest in design, product and quality building practices.

Commercial Projects

YEG builders has built a reputation for building quality commercial spaces in hip, vibrant locations within Edmonton. We provide competitive pricing and alternative solutions to ensure we can create an uncompromising space within your budget. 

Every decision is analyzed to ensure we bring you the latest in product and quality building practices.

Here To Help

Whether you are buying a home, are a current homeowner or simply have a question, the Melnychuk Group team is available to assist you.

Looking For Your Dream Home?

We love our customers, and we want to help you find your
dream home. Reach out to speak with our team today and
we will work to fit your needs.

Melnychuk Real Estate Group is an award-winning full-service residential and commercial sales team based in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in 2012 by Michael Melnychuk, the company has quickly grown to over 20 professional staff, and was recently named the #1 Top-Performing Century 21 real estate group in all of Canada.