Mani Verma

I am originally from India, where I spent the majority of my youth. In my late teens, I moved across the world to explore Canada’s biggest city, Toronto. I lived in Toronto for approximately six months before heading out west to Edmonton, where I enrolled in NAIT’s Computer Systems Technologies course.

About Me

During my tenure at NAIT, I worked full-time in the banking industry, and it was there that I developed my love for helping people achieve their financial goals. When I graduated from NAIT, I took a job with Alberta Blue Cross as a tech analyst where I cultivated relationships for the next few years – but I was eager for something that brought me closer to people.

I stumbled on real estate at the advice of a friend and decided that this was the chance for me to extrapolate on my love of numbers and meeting new people. I obtained my Real Estate licence and hit the ground running. I joined the Melnychuk Group because I wanted to be a part of a culture of helping people from all walks of life. It’s my goal to move you, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our journey together!